The Best of the High-Nutrient, Low Calorie Foods


1609596_577018182392980_154415499_nLow Calorie, High Nutrient Foods

Have you ever thought about why you are hungry? It may sound like a silly question, but most people say they are hungry because their body needs fuel. And that’s right, but really only half right. 

How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Basic H and Basic G

Good ‘ole soap and water does wonders for cleaning away germs, but sometimes there just isn’t any soap and water in sight!  So what do you do with grimy little hands?  If you are like most, you reach for your convenient little bottle of hand sanitizer to wash those germs away.  But keep in mind…

Is It A Cold Or The Flu?

cold or flu

Every year cold-and-flu season sprinkles its misery on just about everyone. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Americans suffer from a staggering one billion colds every year and have a 20 percent chance of getting the flu. Adults average 2-4 colds a year; kids typically get more, with some getting as many as 12…

Get Your Body Ready For A Healthy Pregnancy

Get your body ready for a healthy pregnancy There is so much important information that is provided in the pre-recorded webinar link below. A special thank you to Dr. Stephen Chaney and Barbara Lagoni for putting this webinar together as a resource for us.

What Questions Should I Ask When Purchasing Vitamin Supplements?

Tips for Consumers The supplement industry is an un-regulated industry and the buyer must do their own research before trusting which company to purchase from. I often get questions about OTHER company’s products, so this is something that I share with people. I help THEM to take ownership of their questions and help them to…

The Simple Formula For Staying Healthy

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Successful weight loss is 80% Nutrition. People are unknowingly malnourished and that’s why they’re not at a healthy weight. Their bodies keep asking for more food. It takes commitment and lifestyle change, and Shaklee 180 is a convenient tool to ensure the right balance of nutrients. Here’s a Top 10 list for an accountability group we…

Shaklee 180™ Healthy Competition winner, Viki tells all

Viki, Healthy Competition Winner and Pro Cartwheeler did a 180 and lost 46 lbs* Viki went from feeling like a burden to her family to feeling happy, healthier, and confident. Here’s her story:

Does Soy Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer Recurrence?


If you spend much time online, you’ve seen some blogs warning “Soy Increases The Risk Of Breast Cancer” and others saying “Soy May Decrease The Risk of Breast Cancer”. Since I have seen so many false misrepresentations of soy, I’d like to share this article written by a credible resource, Dr. Stephen Chaney, in his…

6 Steps to Slow Aging Naturally


Steps to Slow Aging Naturally The thousands of studies that have been done on aging are beginning to point to one inescapable conclusion: we may be able to modify our aging process by changing what we consume and how we live.

5 Nutrition & Fitness Tips to Start the School Year Right


It’s September, and for many parents and their children that means a new school year. My children are teenagers, but it’s still challenging making sure they have what they need to start the school year on the right foot, especially when it comes to making nutritious food choices and being physically active. The last thing…